Add License Key

Add a License Key

When you first start the OneScript Client program you will be prompted to enter a License Key. This can be a trial license or a license that you have purchased whichever you selected it should have been emailed to you. If you purchased a license you can also log into and go to the licenses page and copy a License Key that has not yet been activated. Copy the License Key from one of these sources and past it into the OneScript Client's License page.

Once you paste in your license key click the Activation button. You are binding the license key to the computer you are running the OneScript Client on. After activation it will not be able to activate on any other computer. If you have a good internet connection it should activate and you are done.

Add a License Key While Offline

If there is a network error then you can correct the problem and try again. Or you can copy the Full License Key as shown below and paste it into the license activation page on The activation page will return a 5 character Activate Code that you can then enter into the OneScript Client program.

You should see a message that the activation has been successful.

To upgrade a trial License Key to a permanent one, just follow this same process using the permanent License Key.